Workout Your Character

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Okay…if one more person relates the way I look to violence I may just get violent.

Ignorance is surely bliss. Our culture is the only one I know of that relates being muscular to violence. I walk into building or a bank hall and someone says, Ah Oga I beg no blow me O!! I’m like seriously??!! Though once in a while someone actually compliments you and goes as far to ask how long it took, what kind of exercises did I do, what do I eat etc? In my defence, I just workout cause it makes me feel good, It relaxes me and most importantly it keeps my medical bills low. LOL.

Working out and exercising really should be a part of one’s lifestyle. Centuries ago in the Greek city of Sparta, unhealthy looking babies were cast off a cliff, this was part of their culture, because they workout and trained religiously. Boys were bread to be soldiers from birth, thoroughly and intensively trained and put in dangerous survival situations. That was why Sparta was known to be a military city.

They bred physically fit soldiers. Though it may be Greek mythology, the story of Leonidas is the stuff of legends. In the story it’s said that 300 Spartan warriors including Leonidas held off the Persian king Xerxes’ 1 million plus men for 30 days in Thermopylae. Killing almost 3/4 of his army and even leaving the rest of the soldiers demoralised.

The point is, if you have a goal, a cause or even a desire, you’ve simply got to live your life around it, live and breathe it, make it part of your character. If it is your desire to lose weight and get healthy, it comes with rules. Eating right, exercising, staying active and make regular visits to your physician. Live your life around what benefits you. You can’t beat a healthy life style.

Engage Ur Core!!!!!

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